How do I type ?

Using keyboard layouts in Windows 10.0.25120.1000

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Use this page to find out how to type a character on given keyboard or how many keyboards contain given characters.

Tell me how to write using !

The entered characters are as follows:

U+F8FF63743Private Use Area\uf8ff%EF%A3%BF

This text cannot be typed on any of the system layouts in Windows 10.0.25120.1000.

Custom layouts

However, the following custom-made keyboard layouts can be used to type it:

SuperSymbol Keyboard LayoutSHIFTCONTROLMENU+OEM 5

Note that virtual keys are not always at the same place. For example, Q is next to the Tab key on US keyboard but next to the Caps Lock on French keyboard. You can click on each keyboard layout to find out how it defines the mapping.

Please note current limitations of the algorithm: